• The Best Ways to have Outstanding Oral Health this Summer

  • Family Dentistry Glen Allen dentistWe get it.  Summer is a time when hectic schedules, good weather, and fun collide.  It makes for a lot of chaos at times, albeit good chaos.  Our Glen Allen dentist often sees how daily hygiene gets pushed aside in lieu of later bedtimes and evening activities.  So how can you and your family have a great summer while protecting your oral health?  We have a few tips below that will keep your teeth and gums happy while still enjoying all the wonderful aspects of summer.


    Brushing and Flossing

    This is a must!  Brush at least twice every day and floss at least once.  Corn on the cob and fun summer desserts love to create havoc on your teeth.  If you are on vacation, camping, or even out with friends, you can pack travel-sized toothbrushes and floss pics in a small bag.  Have everyone brush and floss quickly before a late night drive home so that any sleeping children can easily be transferred into bed with clean teeth.


    Drink Plenty of Water

    Lemonade stands, root beer floats, and sugary drinks are prevalent this time of year.  While these treats are great on occasion, our Glen Allen dentist wants to remind you to drink lots of water, as well.  Water keeps you hydrated and can help rinse the sugar off your teeth.  When the temperatures are high, hydration helps you avoid additional sun-related sickness, too.


    Visit your Dentist

    If your 6 month appointment falls during the summer, don’t skip it.  A 30 minute appointment is much better than a longer appointment because you need a cavity filled.  Our Glen Allen dentist office offers Family Dentistry services so you can get the whole family in and taken care of relatively fast.  Regular appointments are essential when it comes to your oral health.


    Eat Healthy

    We love the summer fruits and vegetables that summer provides.  But, the season is also attributed with s’mores, ice cream treats, and anything on-a-stick.  Convenience store food and fast food are also common as you rush from one activity to another.  Make an effort to choose healthy options whenever possible or pack a cooler full of fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and crisp vegetables.  Good nutrition helps promote healthy gums and teeth.


    Our Glen Allen dentist and staff love summer as much as you do, and we hope these tips put you and your family on track for great oral health.  Find more tips on our Facebook page or share with us how you are practicing good oral health this summer.