• Fall Sports: The Importance of Mouthguards

  • Family Dentistry Glen Allen dentistThe fall season gives rise to crisp evenings, bonfires and friends, and of course Friday night football.  While football fans in towns across the nation are venturing outside with their game night gear, others are staying in having already participated in their sport of choice.  The one thing these sports have in common is that they all have some sort of safety equipment.  It might be a helmet or pads; face mask or shin guards.  Yet, what protects your mouth?  Our Glen Allen dentist can help you protect your smile so your season doesn’t come to an end with a battered-looking smile.


    Protect your smile

    Sports can get rough at times; whether intentional or not.  Teeth get knocked loose, the can crack, or a blow to the head can cause trauma to the mouth.  In most cases these accidents are unpredictable.  However, you can be prepared by wearing a mouthguard.  Visit our Glen Allen dentist office if you need a custom-made mouthguard.  We take an impression of your mouth and design the mouthguard to fit your unique smile.


    Mouthguard options

    If a custom mouthguard isn’t necessary, look into the options available in your local sporting goods store.  Generic mouthguards may not give you a perfect fit like a custom one, but they still protect your teeth.  The extra cushion they provide reduce concussions, keep teeth from getting knocked together and damaged, and eliminate the problem of a broken tooth.


    Cleaning your mouthguard

    Removing and reinserting your mouthguard between plays is fine as long as you keep it clean.  Our Glen Allen dentist advises that you have a special container for your mouthguard.  This keeps germs from getting into your body.  Setting your mouthguard down, putting it in a pocket, or throwing it in your gym bag with a dirty uniform allows bacteria and germs to touch the mouthguard.  By wearing it without first cleaning it, you’re introducing those germs into your system.  Clean it with a little toothpaste and rinse with cold water before storing it or putting it back in your mouth.


    Mouthguards are the best way to avoid dental injuries.  You’ll protect your smile and be able to stay in the game all season long.  They are helpful for contact sports as well as causal sports.  If you clench your teeth while you are active, one random accident can damage your smile.  Talk with our staff at your next dental exam about how a mouthguard can help you or check us out on Facebook to find other ways you can protect your mouth and smile while enjoying your favorite fall sport.