• Happy Halloween, Glen Allen!

  • Oral Health Glen Allen dentistHappy Halloween to all of our Glen Allen dentist families!  We know this long awaited holiday is a favorite amongst children and adults alike; and for good reason.  When else is it as much fun to dress up in your favorite costume and get paid in treats?  As much fun as Halloween is, however, it is important to our dental family that all of our patients are taking care of their teeth and smiles.   So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can protect your smile this holiday season. 


    Brush and Floss

    Our Glen Allen dentist doesn’t just recommend brushing and flossing for fun.  The fact is, plaque and decay start growing on teeth in less than five hours after you last brushed and flossed your teeth.  Plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease.  By brushing at least two times every day, you are eliminating your mouth of these risks and keeping your mouth and teeth as clean as possible.  Brushing and flossing keeps your gums, teeth, and your breath in good health.


    Skip candy that can ruin dental work

    Many people have some sort of dental work in their mouth.  It could be a crown or an implant from a restorative dentistry procedure, or dental sealants used to protect your teeth from cavities.  Candy that is sticky or hard can destroy your dental work.  This only sets you back further in the oral treatment plan that our Glen Allen dentist designed specifically for you.  If you are going to treat yourself to candy, make sure you won’t damage your existing dental work, or create a need for work to be done.


    Continue with regular dental exams

    Twice every year dental exams are the recommendation of our Glen Allen dentist and the American Dental Association.  Along with a professional cleaning, we also look for early signs of oral cancer and TMJ problems.  We use digital cameras and X-Rays to get a good picture of your mouth, gums, and teeth and look for early symptoms of tooth decay and gingivitis.  Our method of preventive dentistry helps you keep your smile looking its best year after year.


    This year, we hope you and your families have a wonderful Halloween, but we ask that you be mindful of the candy.  We love seeing all of your smiles, but we don’t wish them to suffer at the expense of a few moments of indulgence.  Keep up the great brushing and flossing habits and follow our team on Facebook for more hygiene habits and tips.