• Dental Insurance in the New Year

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    As the clock moves closer to midnight for the last time in 2018, and as the New Years’ revelers ring in the New Year, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities and celebrations.  Yet, when the ball drops, we return back to work and it’s business as usual and we do our very best to keep up with our resolutions.  As a dentist Glen Allen residents trust for their family dentistry needs as well as crowns and bridges, let us offer some advice for the New Year.  In our experience, most people don’t currently take full advantage of all of their dental insurance benefits.  So, we propose in the New Year, that you consider scheduling your visit to our Glen Allen dentist now so you can get the most of your benefits all year long.

    What does dental insurance cover?

    Dental insurance is not a one size fits all type of coverage.  However, most basic plans are similar in that they take care of the basic preventative dentistry needs.  That is, they cover two dental exams per year, X-Rays typically once a year, and a fluoride treatment.  Co-pays will vary from policy to policy, but little more out-of-pocket expense will be needed.  That being said, if you practice great oral hygiene and have a relatively healthy mouth, basic coverage is all you may need.  The problem is, often unexpected oral health issues arise and then this basic coverage might not be enough.  So, what can you do?

    Utilize your savings plan

    If you develop a cavity, chances are that your dental insurance will cover most of the procedure and amalgam filling.  However, most people don’t want the silver filling to be seen when they smile.  Ask our Glen Allen dentist staff to work with your insurance company to determine what options you may have.  You may be able to get our white composite filling and only have to pay the difference of the two materials.  Another option is to use your health savings plan.  If you need a crown or bridge, it is great to learn that most HSA and FSA plans qualify for restorative dental procedures.  Keep your smile looking great while making the most of your savings plan.

    Use it or lose it

    Leaving money on the table at the end of the year because you didn’t use all of your health savings account money is a tough pill to swallow.  Take the opportunity to spend the last few days of this year, understanding your policy better.   Make a resolution to schedule your two dental exams for the year and, of course, don’t forget to brush and floss and have a good oral hygiene routine.

    The goal at our Glen Allen dentist office is to keep your smiles looking great while providing affordable, high-quality dental services.  We love assisting our patients with their dental insurance needs and doing what we can to ensure their smiles last a lifetime.  Give us a call if you need to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about your dental insurance.  Follow our team on Facebook for more oral health tips or for an easy point of contact.  We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in our office soon.