• Oral Cancer Screening in Glen Allen

  • oral cancer screening Glen Allen dentist

    As April comes to a close, we want to remind our Glen Allen dentist patients about Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  This event is remembered each April in our industry and it serves as a reminder to take care of your oral health.  As the dentist Glen Allen families trust for soft tissue management and great smiles, we want to emphasize the importance of a healthy mouth, as well.  Oral cancer can affect anyone and our team is dedicated to preventing it from affecting you and your family.

    Oral Cancer Screening Saves Lives

    Flossing and brushing every day helps keep your teeth clean and soft tissues healthy, but in order to have a healthy mouth, you also need to visit our Glen Allen dentist every 6 months.  Oral cancer is best overcome when caught early.  Thus, by visiting our office on a regular basis, we can catch and detect irregularities quickly.  This, in turn, helps us prevent an issue from getting worse and keeps cancer from spreading.  A proactive approach and early detection keeps the threat of oral cancer away.

    Surviving Oral Cancer

    Did you know that the five-year survival rate for oral cancer is over 80% when detected early?  By staying current on your professional dental exams with our Glen Allen dentist, we ensure your health is not compromised.  If you neglect your mouth and hold off from scheduling a dentist appointment until you notice an issue, you have a significantly lower rate of survival.  Regular dental exams save lives and keep oral cancer from taking over. 

    Get Peace of Mind

    Get the assurance you need from our team at your appointments.  We screen every patient for oral cancer at every dental exam.  By monitoring your health and any changes, you have peace of mind.  Many problems that occur in the mouth are advanced by the time you actually notice them.  With our professionally trained staff, we know what to look for before you even know there is a problem.  Each oral cancer screening consists of our team evaluating your soft tissues, throat, neck, and oral cavity for discoloration, lumps, bumps, and sores.

    Our oral cancer screening takes minutes but the result is a healthy smile you can count on.  So, come visit us for your screening if you haven’t seen us in a while or use this month as a reminder to care for your oral health.  Join us on Facebook to learn more or give our office a call to schedule your appointment.  Together, let’s work towards ensuring your mouth is healthy and free from oral cancer.