• Smile Bright with These Summer Snacks

  • How many people have vowed during New Years to be their healthiest self? How far have we veered off of that commitment to indulge? This seems to be an annually recurring cycle. We diligently exercise, eat healthy, and drink more water… maybe for a few months. As spring arrives, then summer, there are more opportunities to give into sugary temptations. There are also more opportunities to find delicious summer produce, at local farmers markets and grocery stores. These nutritious treats will help you keep on track with your goals Our Glen Allen dentist recommends a few summer snacks that not only taste amazing, but will promote your oral health as well.  

    Fruits and Veggies  

    No matter who snacks the most in your home, stocking your kitchen with ripe fruits and crisp veggies is a brilliant way to provide healthy snacks on the go. Wash and prepare your fruits and vegetables ahead of time, and keep on a counter or drawer where the kids can reach. These produce options offer essential vitamins and help you feel more satisfied for longer periods of time. Our Glen Allen dentist team favorites are: 

    • Avocados 
    • Cherries 
    • Cucumbers 
    • Berries 
    • Melon 
    • Bell Peppers 
    • Asian Pears  
    • Tomatoes 
    • Peaches 
    • Plums 
    • Strawberries 
    • Watermelon 
    • Summer squash 

    These are only some of ample choices of summer produce available to you. They provide plenty of Vitamins A and C, which contribute to strong bones, teeth, and healthy gums. Prepare what you can ahead of time so they are always ready to go.  


    Lazy pool days or trips to the beach often trigger cravings for cold treats like ice cream. Treat yourself every once in a while, but be mindful of the added calories. For hot days by the water, pack a cooler ahead of time with yogurt or cheese instead. You can even freeze the yogurt into pops! This helps protect your teeth from the extra sugar, while satisfying your ice-cold dairy craving.  

    Nuts and Grains 

    Granola, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, sprouted grain breads, or quinoa are all great for beach days, stay-cations, and road trips. When these are the options in your pantry, it will be much easier to resist the temptation of less healthy options.  

    At our Glen Allen dentist office, we look forward to summer, because that’s when the best treats come out. Popsicles, campfire s’mores, and buttered popcorn are just fine every once in a while; just don’t overindulge. Your waistline, gut, and teeth will all thank you. Remember to brush more frequently if adding sugary treats to prevent cavities and tooth decay.  

    What are your favorite summer snacks? Share your healthy treat ideas on our Facebook page, and enjoy your summer with a bright smile!