• The Health Benefits of Pumpkin That Will Make You Smile

  • Glen Allen dentist health benefits of Pumpkin

    Your Glen Allen dentist team would like to welcome you to Autumn… the season for pumpkin everything! You’ll begin to see and smell pumpkins everywhere if you haven’t already. This is fantastic news for your body and smile because these Cucurbitaceae fruits and their edible seeds are a great source of nutrients.  Here are some health benefits of Pumpkin that will make you smile:

    Widely Available

    Pumpkins stand the test of time, having been used by Aztec and Mayan tribes in 5500 BC. They made their way from Central America to Europe sometime in the 1500s, where they have documented sweet and savory pie recipes. They’re also widely accepted to have been present during the first meals shared between the early American colonists and the Wampanoag tribe, what we refer to as the first Thanksgiving. In the 1800s, Lincoln declared this national holiday. Pumpkins are so deeply embedded in this holiday tradition that when a Connecticut town experienced a molasses shortage, threatening their supply of pumpkin pies, they postponed the holiday to meet the demand. In the 1900s, canned pumpkin entered the marketplace and are widely available today on shelves year-round.


    Pumpkins are often recommended by dieticians because they only give you 50 calories per cup, making them a great low-calorie option. They are also comprised of 94% water, therefore allowing them to act as a mild diuretic, helping us flush away toxins. Pumpkins also assist in reducing blood glucose levels, increase insulin, improve glucose tolerance, all helping you manage food cravings and maintain a healthy weight.

    ABCs of Nutrient-Density

    Pumpkins provide an abundance of minerals and vitamins. Beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and helps your body fight infection. Vitamin B-complex supports healthy gums, preventing gum disease. Vitamin C acts as a natural sunblock, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. The collagen protein from C vitamins helps your skin as well. Vitamins C and E together are super powerful. They neutralize free radicals, which prevents cancer and provide antioxidants, which prevents aging. Vitamin E, along with folate and iron, supports a healthy immune system too, which will help prevent gingivitis and gum disease.


    Those who participate in an active lifestyle need to replace their electrolytes more often, as we expel a lot through our blood, sweat, and tears. Pumpkin has far more potassium than bananas and can help you replace those electrolytes effectively. Potassium increases bone mineral density, supports digestion, muscle contraction, healthy blood pressure, and water balance. With calcium and potassium together, your teeth strength is supported too. The fiber also helps your body get rid of waste.

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    The abundance of pumpkins in store entrances and pumpkin patches makes it really easy to explore different options for adding these superfood fruits and seeds to your diet. Remember that canned pumpkin is available year-round too! While it may be tempting to add artificial pumpkin flavoring to your lattes and baked goods, your Glen Allen dentist wants to remind you that sugary sweeteners don’t provide the same health benefits of pumpkin that the fruit and their seeds do. Go ahead and indulge if you choose. However, remember to brush and floss after enjoying extra sweet options. The road to your perfect smile depends on your consistent oral health regimen as much as it does your intake of nutrients.

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