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  • The Health Benefits of Pumpkin That Will Make You Smile

    Your Glen Allen dentist team would like to welcome you to Autumn… the season for pumpkin everything! You’ll begin to see and smell pumpkins everywhere if you haven’t already. This is fantastic news for your body and smile because these Cucurbitaceae fruits and their edible seeds are a [...]

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    Are Dental Veneers For Me?

    Dental veneers can be beneficial if you have a desire to cover your natural teeth for a more polished looking smile. In a similar way that acrylic fingernails would cover the top layer of your nails for a beautiful set of matching nails, veneers can help your smile look more perfect. If [...]

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    Smile Bright with These Summer Snacks

    How many people have vowed during New Years to be their healthiest self? How far have we veered off of that commitment to indulge? This seems to be an annually recurring cycle. We diligently exercise, eat healthy, and drink more water... maybe for a few months. As spring arrives, then summer, [...]

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    Oral Cancer Screening in Glen Allen

    As April comes to a close, we want to remind our Glen Allen dentist patients about Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  This event is remembered each April in our industry and it serves as a reminder to take care of your oral health.  As the dentist Glen Allen families trust for soft tissue [...]

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    Dental Crowns: Rebuilding Smiles in Glen Allen

    A damaged or cracked tooth is never fun.  Luckily, the dentist Glen Allen residents trust for their crowns and bridges and oral health care needs is just a phone call away.  We have the experience and expert knowledge to safely restore your tooth so that you can quickly get back to your [...]

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