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  • Do you Floss?

    As a dentist Glen Allen patients trust for their oral health and soft tissue management needs, we have to ask: do you floss?  We’re not referring to the dance fad that swept through the gaming world last year.  We want to know if you floss your teeth.  Flossing is an important part your [...]

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    Dental Insurance in the New Year

    As the clock moves closer to midnight for the last time in 2018, and as the New Years’ revelers ring in the New Year, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities and celebrations.  Yet, when the ball drops, we return back to work and it’s business as usual and we do our very best to [...]

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    Thanksgiving Smiles and your Health

    Originally, Thanksgiving was held to celebrate a healthy year and a good harvest among friends and family.   Nowadays, we haven’t strayed much from these origins of the holiday.  We come together with family and friends to express our gratitude toward each other, giving thanks to those we [...]

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    Happy Halloween, Glen Allen!

    Happy Halloween to all of our Glen Allen dentist families!  We know this long awaited holiday is a favorite amongst children and adults alike; and for good reason.  When else is it as much fun to dress up in your favorite costume and get paid in treats?  As much fun as Halloween is, however, it [...]

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    Fall Sports: The Importance of Mouthguards

    The fall season gives rise to crisp evenings, bonfires and friends, and of course Friday night football.  While football fans in towns across the nation are venturing outside with their game night gear, others are staying in having already participated in their sport of choice.  The one thing [...]

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