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  • Fall Sports: The Importance of Mouthguards

    The fall season gives rise to crisp evenings, bonfires and friends, and of course Friday night football.  While football fans in towns across the nation are venturing outside with their game night gear, others are staying in having already participated in their sport of choice.  The one thing [...]

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    Jaw Pain Causes and Symptoms

    Our Glen Allen dentist and staff are focus on your oral health.  This is more than just regular dental cleanings and exams every 6 months.  Your oral health is comprised of soft tissues like your gums and tongue in addition to your bones and teeth.  We treat all aspects of your oral health in [...]

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    The Best Ways to have Outstanding Oral Health this Summer

    We get it.  Summer is a time when hectic schedules, good weather, and fun collide.  It makes for a lot of chaos at times, albeit good chaos.  Our Glen Allen dentist often sees how daily hygiene gets pushed aside in lieu of later bedtimes and evening activities.  So how can you and your family [...]

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    Camping and Oral Hygiene

    The long days of summer and warm temperatures means it’s a perfect time for camping.  Starlit nights gathered around a campfire and calm morning waters ideal for fishing are what campers dream about.  As a Glen Allen dentist concerned about our patients oral health, we know that days or weeks of[...]

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    Crowns Aren’t Only for Royalty

    This month, many Americans set their DVRs to tune in to the Royal Wedding, and what an affair!  So, with royalty on our minds, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss crowns.  Not the Imperial State Crown of the Monarchy, but rather dental crowns.  They may not be as glamorous as the royal [...]

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