• Bridges Henrico

  • Dental bridges Henrico is used as an option when one or more teeth need to be replaced.  Various bridge solutions are available and are made to blend in with your natural smile.  A bridge uses existing teeth as anchors to the dental apparatus which will replace your missing teeth.  Bridges Henrico correct bite issues and other oral complications by providing synthetic teeth where there are otherwise none.  

    When one or many teeth are absent in the mouth, the nearby teeth that remain will move into the vacated space.  This movement affects bone structure of the jaw and face and compromises healthy teeth with added wear and tear.  At Henrico Dental, our goal is to transform smiles using our skills and experience with cosmetic dental procedures.  

    Bridgework is an alternative to partial dentures and similar to dental implants.  X-rays and a dental exam with our Glen Allen dentist will help us best understand your unique situation so that together, we can determine what solution is best to transform your smile. Our Bridges Henrico reduce the risk of decay and bacteria forming in the mouth and give you back your amazing smile.

    If you have a bridge or are considering a bridge, understand that proper oral care and hygiene are necessary to preserve the life of the bridge.  Regular six month Glen Allen dentist appointments also keep your oral health in check and keep your smile looking fantastic.