• Complete And Partial Dentures

  • When a permanent tooth falls out or needs to be removed via extraction, the gap left behind can easily diminish your self-confidence in your smile.  At the same time, the missing tooth can affect your oral health and overall health. Dentures are great solutions for these situations. They replace the missing tooth with a synthetic tooth or teeth that are expertly constructed to look just like natural teeth.  Get back your smile with complete or partial dentures from Henrico Dental.

    Partial dentures are used when only a few teeth are missing from your beautiful smile.  Complete dentures are best when all of your teeth are missing or will need to be pulled due to situations affecting your oral health.  Dentures help keep your bone and facial structures aligned and functioning properly. Partial dentures keep existing teeth from moving into the empty space which can cause more damage.

    If you feel you may be a candidate for dentures, or would like to explore our Glen Allen dentist cosmetic services, simply give our office a call or schedule your appointment online.  Dentures are a perfect solution for when you want your smile to look great.