• Crowns Henrico

  • crown is a cap, so to speak, that fits over the top of your tooth.  It can be comprised of a variety of materials, most often though; crowns are made from composite resins, ceramics, porcelain, or metal alloys.  Crowns Henrico are shaped to look like your natural tooth both in size and color.

    All crowns Henrico are designed to protect teeth.  They are utilized in various procedures where a tooth needs added support.  Bridgework, dental implants, and root canal therapy use crowns to strengthen a tooth.  Dental crowns Henrico are also recommended when a cracked tooth needs extra protection and support.  

    Depending on your needs, a crown can be made and inserted in as little as one office visit with our Glen Allen dentist and staff.  In some cases, a crown will be made at one of our trusted labs; in others our CEREC Machine will be utilized.

    Our Crowns strengthen teeth while enhancing your smile.  They are made to resemble your natural tooth so your smile is never compromised.  Learn more about our cosmetic and restorative dental procedures on this site or call our office to schedule a consultation if you are in need of a crown.

    Designing Your New Smile

    A number of things can affect our smiles.  Health problems, medications, genetics, and accidents can all change your smile.  If you are ready to rebuild your smile to the glory it once was, visit our Glen Allen dentist at Henrico Dental.  We are confident that we can transform your smile into a beautiful one.

    Cosmetic dentistry is an art in which our highly trained dentist excels.  We use state of the art dental technology to review your unique case and to create your great smile.  After a consultation with Dr. Mohanty, you’ll have all the information presented to you on ways in which we can remake your smile.  Some of our solutions may include:

    • Implants
    • Veneers
    • Invisalign
    • Bridgework
    • Teeth Whitening

    All of our cosmetic dental procedures are intended to protect your oral cavity while restoring your smile.  Our services enhance your smile cosmetically so you can have confidence in yourself while preserving your bones, gums and teeth from premature wear and tear.  No matter what your dental needs are for a great smile, we can help. You’ll love showing off your new smile after a smile makeover by our Glen Allen dentist and staff.