• Dental Implants Henrico

  • A dental implant begins with a post that acts as the root of your tooth.  This post is inserted into the bone and replicates the strength and function of the root.  Above the gum line, a crown is placed fixed to the post so that your smile is restored. Our Henrico Dental patients who have had an adult tooth that has fallen out or who have missing teeth are some of the best candidates for a dental implant procedure.

    Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants Henrico?

    Proper oral hygiene is necessary when caring for your implant.  Keep the area clean by brushing and flossing and commit to regular professional dental exams.  Healthy gums are also a factor. If you have periodontal disease, your bones and teeth may not support a dental implant in which case a bridge or partial denture may be recommended.  Our Glen Allen dentist will look at your X-rays to determine if a dental implant will be the best solution for your needs and explain all of your available options before proceeding.

    Advantages of Dental Implants Henrico

    Dental implants Henrico are the closest comparison to your real teeth.  Eating and drinking, speaking, and cleaning routines are nearly the same as they would be if your tooth or teeth were still healthy.  The comfort level and appearance best resemble your lost tooth. Talk with our Glen Allen dentist about the benefits of a dental implant as well as how to care for your implant.