• Pediatric Dentistry

  • Do you need a Pediatric Dentist for your Child?


    It’s possible to hear your child request to stay longer at the dentist when that dentist is our very Mohanty Comprehensive Dentistry dentists.  Our team is expertly trained in pediatric dentistry and provides a welcoming, fun environment for children. We teach our young patients the correct brushing and flossing techniques in amusing ways so they enjoy their experience.  

    What is a pediatric dentist?


    Pediatric dentists offer dental services for young patients beginning around age 1 or when the first tooth erupts.  At Mohanty Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer pediatric and family dentistry services. Our Pediatric team has undergone additional schooling and training in order to educate and serve the needs of your child’s oral health.  We have extensive training in behavioral needs, calming techniques, and teaching children including those with special needs.

    Does my child have dental problems?


    Tooth decay can begin when your child’s first tooth erupts from below the gum.  This is often caused by being bottle or breast fed for too long. Thumb or finger sucking can cause teeth to move out of place, and teeth grinding is another emotional release that should be identified and treated early.  Gum disease, and the aforementioned issues can all affect permanent teeth. Encourage proper brushing and flossing and regular exams with our pediatric dentist to avoid dental complications in the future. A healthy mouth and smile helps your child receive proper nutrition, enunciate and speak properly, and boosts their self-esteem.

    Are baby teeth treated the same as adult teeth?


    Healthy, baby teeth, or primary teeth, play a role in helping children speak clearly, chew food, and stay healthy.  If a tooth is compromised prematurely, it an affect speech, nutrition, and self-confidence as well as how the permanent teeth will grow in.  Tooth decay may seem to go away once a primary tooth falls out, but the earlier a patient can learn proper oral care, the more inclined they are to continue practicing good hygiene.  Additionally, tooth decay can go beyond the tooth into the root and to the bloodstream where infection can set in. The point is: all teeth, young and older, should be treated with the utmost care.  You only have one smile. Do your best to take care of yours and your child’s so that it lasts a lifetime.

    How do I prepare my child for their first dental visit?


    This is a common question at our Glen Allen dentist office.  Prepare your child for their first visit just as you would for a trip to the store.  It is not a time to recount a past experience or story from other parents. A straightforward answer is best in most cases.  Explain how our dentist will count their teeth and make sure their teeth are healthy. Let our trained professionals introduce the office and fun environment with you so your child can see for themselves how easy a trip to the dentist can be.  Keep your own anxieties out of the equation; the first impression your child has of the dentist is one that will last forever.

    Do children require preventative dental care?


    Preventative care is essential to pediatric dentistry.  We have a variety of age-dependent services that grow with your child as they get older.  Dental sealants, fluoride treatments, dental exams, and cleanings all help keep tooth decay at bay and promote healthy gums.  Set a strong oral health foundation by making your Glen Allen dentist appointment today for your child.