• Sedation Dentistry

  • A visit to our Glen Allen dentist office can be a challenge to some due to nervousness and anxiety.  The root of these strong emotions can be traced to patients having a poor experience with a previous dentist.  In other cases, a patient is fearful of the unexpected. If you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, it is understandable to be concerned; however, often the problem is exacerbated in one’s own mind.

    Fortunately, at Henrico Dental, we have the tools and experience to put all of our patients at ease.  Your comfort is our priority. We offer a variety of dental sedation methods to reduce fear and eliminate pain and anxiety.  

    Behavior, emotions, age, and treatments to perform are taken into consideration when determining the right type of sedation.  Our Glen Allen dentist and staff will discuss your options with you before proceeding with any treatment plan. A few of our option include:

    Conscious Sedation 


    A great option for extremely nervous patients.  Nitrous oxide is one form of this dental sedation technique.  It is a gas that puts the patient in a calm state and exudes a feeling of euphoria.  Patients typically don’t feel a thing, nor remember anything about their procedure.

    Relaxation Techniques 


    Younger patients highly benefit from the specialized training our staff has gone through in order to create a welcoming environment.  First time visits to the dentist can be scary to little ones, so we work to offer a warm atmosphere that is both fun and educational.



    For longer procedures or in cases where severe anxiety is present, general anesthesia may be an option.

    If you have any questions regarding dental sedation or dental anxiety, give our Glen Allen dentist practice a call at (804) 527-1008.  We’ll schedule you for a consultation with our professionals so that you can have all the information you need before your procedure.