• Teeth Whitening Henrico

  • Our Glen Allen dentist at Henrico Dental receives a number of inquiries regarding whiter teeth.  Teeth Whitening Henrico procedures are available in a number of methods, and we offer great options for your consideration; custom trays, 1-hour whitening, and permanent whitening solution.  Whiter teeth with one of our professional procedures produces amazing smiles that will surely create a great first impression.

    Custom Trays

    Customized trays are molded in our on-site lab using an impression of your mouth.  Once the trays have been created, our Glen Allen dentist and staff will verify that the trays fit correctly and walk you through how they work.  Custom trays are a great at-home solution for whiter teeth. Based on the level of white you wish to achieve, you will wear the trays for a specific amount of time in the day.  Custom whitening trays are also great for instances when your smile needs a last minute boost.

    In-office Whitening or 1-hour Whitening

    When faster results are wanted, our one-hour teeth whitening Henrico solution offers dramatic, amazing results.  In less than 60 minutes our Glen Allen dentist can brighten your smile up to 14 shades whiter. At Henrico Dental, our patients love their smile after our in-office, 1-hour whitening procedure.  After the in-office procedure, we can also custom make whitening trays for home use to preserve your bright smile.

    Permanent Teeth Whitening Henrico

    Whitening solutions that give a permanent option for bright smiles often make use of veneers.  Veneers are made out of thin layers of porcelain which cover the front surface of the tooth. Our Glen Allen dentist may need more than one appointment to complete your smile transformation but the results are well worth the wait.  In addition to permanent whiter teeth, small cosmetic changes to the teeth are possible with this option, as well.